Top 10 Worst Places to Live in Florida


6. Live Oak

From being ranked 18th on the list last year, Live Oak is now in 6th place, showing just how worse it got in the course of a year for its population of 6,921 people. Their homes are valued at $77,300, placing 9th worst in the state, the same ranking for its unemployment rate of 15.4 percent.

Those who are trying to stay away from densely populated cities in Florida, they might want to watch out for Live Oak. It is ranked 23rd where population density is concerned and placed 57th in the state.


7. Palatka

Palatka, with its 10,407 inhabitants, ranked 7th among the worst areas for Floridians to live in. What made it even worse is how it is not the investment haven the property owners would flock to, seeing as how the average home value in the city is only $75,900, the 6th worst. Add to that the unemployment rate of 13.2 percent and people won’t be motivated to move to Palatka. Its economic condition is also discouraging, more likely due to the rise of big box retail jobs. The crime rate in the city is nothing to be proud of as it ranked 21st in the state.

8. Lauderdale Lakes

It was doing a bit better last year with its ranking in 9th place. With a population of 34,321 people, Lauderdale Lakes has to deal with a severe unemployment rate of 15.9 percent. It placed 6th in the state where joblessness is concerned.

The city also has to grapple with below average income, education, student expenditure, and unemployment. But what boosted it upwards in the list of the worst cities to inhabit in Florida is its crime rate ranking in 33rd place. The embarrassing position that the city has in the crime index is surely a major factor to blame why it is in the top 8 on this list.

9. Fort Pierce

One thing Fort Piece accomplished this year is lowering its place on this list from 3rd to 9th. Its population of 43,883 people might have noticed the difference, although they still have to contend with the unimpressive home value of $89,100 and unemployment rate of 12.9 percent that is twice as high as the national average of joblessness.

Families who are keen on sending their kids to schools where students will be given with enough attention from educators might not find such in Fort Pierce as it has one of the lowest student to teacher ratio in the state.

10. Homestead

Homestead is faring much better this year as it climbs down two ranks compared to last year on this list. Properties are valued at $141,300 on the average, but its 65,688 residents might not feel that secure as the city has one of the highest crime rates in Florida. They are exposed to 1 in 24.1 chance of encountering property crime every year. This might have something to do with joblessness rate pegged at 10.7 percent, the 42nd highest in the state.

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