Top 10 Worst Places to Live in Florida


1. Pahokee

Pahokee has a population of around 6,022 residents and is ranked 1st in the list for being the worst city to live in. Homes around the area are valued at around $77,000.

The city suffers from having the worst unemployment rate of 27.1 percent in the state of Florida. Its record in the crime and income index is not something to be proud of either as Pahokee ranked 49th and 11th in both indexes, respectively.

In terms of income, unemployment, and crime, it is no wonder Pahokee was at the top of the list of worst cities to live in Florida.

2. Belle Glade

Compared to its ranking last year, Belle Glade ranked for the worse as it climbed up from the 5th to the 2nd rank this year. With a population of 18,855 and the residents having to put up with their homes usually valued at $94,000, the city ranked second in 2018. It also has the 7th worst unemployment rate at 15.5 percent.

The city does not have anything much to offer either, except for some bowling alleys. But who would have a lot of time for leisure when its families are estimated to bring home only about $26,859 per year? It even ranked 17th in the crime index in the state, considering how 1 in 19.5 people in Belle Glade is at risk of getting robbed.

Would tourists be willing to stroll around a city where they have a high chance of meeting a robber on the street?

3. South Bay

South Bay’s 17 percent unemployment rate is one of the major factors why it is ranked 3rd on this list. Given its relatively small population of 5,026 people, the unemployment is already alarming, putting it as the 4th worst in Florida. Combine it with its residents’ average income of $29,405, this formula does not exactly make South Bay an attractive place to live in.

4. Opa-Locka

Opa-Locka has somewhat shown some improvements compared to last year, considering how it is now ranked 4th instead of 2nd like how it was in 2017. Its population of 16,245 live in homes valued at an average of $98,800, the 30th worst in the state and an indicator of low demand in terms of real estate.

The city’s unemployment rate of 10.5 percent is at least slightly better than the rates of the first three cities on this list. Families who are looking for good schools for their kids have to make do with Opa-Locka’s underfunded schools.

The crime rate is not exactly enticing either as residents have a 1 in 4.1 chance of falling victim to property crime in the city.

5. Cocoa

Ranked 4th in 2017, Cocoa at least got listed one rank down this year. Its population of 17,558 people battle with an unemployment rate of 14.4 percent, ranked 11th worst in Florida, and even those with jobs only bring in $32,067 per year on the average. The properties in the city are ranked 18th among the worst in the state too at $93,200.

What’s more alarming is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s database showed how Cocoa’s crime rate is the 7th highest per capita in Florida. In 2014, those who lived or visited the city had a 1 in 14.5 chance of getting victimized by a robber on the street, at home or in your car.

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