Privacy Policy

By being on the website and viewing it, you are automatically required to abide by the Privacy Policy stated on our website. may require personal data or details from customers and users when more risky transactions or businesses with them are involved, as the site owners and managers see fit. This is for the purpose of rendering them better service and also protecting our website.

Rest assured that it is serious business for us to keep your information strictly private. It will not be sold to other sites or businesses. However, for security reasons in case government should require us to divulge your personal information stored in our website, we have no other recourse but to comply. But we will make sure to impress on them to keep the information privately to themselves and not make it public.

Subscription invites customers, users and visitors to avail of its free subscription regularly. For interested parties, we require some personal information so we can better serve them. Subscribers will receive regular updates, tips, current events, developments and other important information we feel would be helpful for those seeking financial know-how and skills. We may also share information about new or trendy products and services or third party links in our subscription for customers’ and users’ consideration.

Site Cookies may opt to use site cookies periodically to serve our users and visitors better. These are small files stored in a user’s computer. When using our site,, you automatically agree to the use of these site cookies by us. We do this to provide you better experience with our site and the services found therein.

Opt Out

Customers, users and visitors who provide their personal information to access certain parts of the site or our services may opt out any time they want. But this will affect the way we deal with them or make our services available to them. It may also affect their experience of our website.

Information Use

No user or visitor may use any information found on the website in any damaging or harmful way. Said information also may not be used or re-used or re-distributed, including any part thereof, for their own use without prior approval in writing by the site owners or managers.

This Privacy Policy shall always govern all users of the site at all times.