Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Florida


4. Lake City

From ranking third last year, Lake City made it one rank down, which should be marked improvement for its 12,186 residents. However, they still have to deal with the risk of a 1 in 65 chance of being attacked, raped or killed annually, what with the city’s 1,526 violent crimes per 100k. Lake City dwellers and visitors also have 1 in 13.9 chance of being victimized by property criminals. This meant getting robbed at least once in your life while living in the city. If you cannot do anything but stay in Lake City, make sure to secure your doors and windows. It might also be best to keep to yourself and refrain from entertaining strangers.

5. Lake Park

Located in proximity to Mangonia Park and North Palm Beach, Lake Park has 8,613 residents. However, the level of danger in the city have increased, as evident in its worsening ranking from 8th place last year to 5th place this year. The city was also recorded to have 1,056 violent crimes per capita and 9,868 property crimes per capita. Your home may have 1 in 10.1 chance of getting robbed.

6. Miami Beach

It is not surprising that Miami Beach is part of the top 10 most dangerous cities in Florida. The city with a population of 93,165, however, went down two ranks compared to its 4th place ranking in 2017. The city sees 1,000 violent crimes per capita and 9,036 property crimes per capita every year, based on FBI’s data. The chances of its residents or visitors falling victim to a violent crime is not as bad as the other cities, but Miami Beach still witnessed 946 cases of rape or attack and six murder cases in 2016.

But the bigger threat is the risk of you getting robbed. You have to be extra cautious when roaming around the city as you might have a 1 in 11.1 chance of encountering a hold-upper, carnapper, vandal or burglar.

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