Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Florida


1. Florida City

Florida City has held on to its rank at 1st place as the most dangerous city in Florida. Even with a population of 12, 297, it grapples with 2,797 violent crimes per 100k, making it an unsafe city to live in and the problem is getting worse over time. Even the property crimes per capita is not doing any better as it is pegged at 8,880 per 100k. This translates to Florida City residents being exposed to a 1 in 11.3 chance of falling victim to vandals or thieves, with the usual targets being laptops, mobile phones and even prescription pills. To make matters worse, the city also exposes its residents to a 1 in 35 chance of experiencing a violent crime. It is not rare that someone in your vicinity might be dealing with a life-threatening situation, courtesy of some criminals out there.

To have a better picture in your head about just how dangerous Florida City is, Marco Island, safest city in Florida puts its residents at a lower risk of a 1 in 234 chance of being victimized by a robber.

2. Cocoa

Just like Florida City, Cocoa has an unchanged ranking on this list at number two. Its residents have a 1 in 14.7 chance of encountering robbers within city limits and have their lives threatened with a 1 in 48 chance. Based on the analysis of the data provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the violent crimes in Cocoa are estimated at 2,070 per 100k while the property crimes are pegged at 6,788 per 100k. In 2016 alone, the city bore witness to 369 violent crimes, three of which were murder cases.

3. Opa-locka

Opa-locka residents have to brace themselves against even more danger as the city ranked three times higher on this list compared to last year. Its 16,835 residents would have to deal with 2,221 violent crimes per capita, making Opa-locka rank 2nd in the state in this category, and 6,427 property crimes per capita, putting the city in 8th place. And the crime rate in Opa-locka may get worse due to the high population density in the city.

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